TrygveWastvedtCROPPEDTrygve Wastvedt is a Digital Transformation Specialist at Proving Ground. He combines experience in architectural design with a background in computation, simulation, and web development. As part of his Master of Architecture degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he developed sophisticated design strategies and form generation techniques in response to solar cycles with the use of daylight simulation and parametric modeling.

Before joining Proving Ground, Trygve was an R&D Engineer at Zahner where he contributed to the research and creation of digital tools that connect customers to sophisticated fabrication processes. He led the development of web interfaces, such as, to enable users to design, visualize, and price custom Zahner projects.

Trygve has authored numerous desktop and web applications in languages including C#, JavaScript, and Python. He is also proficient in leveraging frameworks such as D3.js, Three.js, Angular, and Meteor in his development workflow.