Weekly Workflow: Use Rhino3d’s Package Manager to manage Grasshopper plugins

I'll admit it - I've been installing Grasshopper plugins the 'Old Fashioned' way up until a few months ago. Navigating to the app's page on Food4Rhino, downloading the appropriate package, unblocking, unzipping, copying and pasting files... this familiar workflow is practically obsolete! McNeel has created a tool that enables Rhino users to bypass the bulk of this work with an integrated plugin manager: the Package Manager.

Weekly Workflow: Connect Grasshopper to MySQL with Slingshot

Grasshopper-based workflows empower Rhino-users to generate and collect data that can be useful in the design and documentation phases of projects. Exporting this data out to other more common database formats can streamline project operations and enhance cooperation and collaboration across diverse teams. An under-the-radar Proving Ground plug-in, called Slingshot, provides a toolkit that can be used to organize and manage relational databases.