Data is transforming the built environment. Supercharge your practice, leveraging digital tools for better design outcomes. Practical applications of data tools in building design and documentation workflows that you can implement today.


Register! Data Workflows to Streamline Your Building Design Practice Nathan Miller July 14, 2017 9AM-4PM
Register! Early Stage Planning and Design with Computation
Dave Stasiuk July 21, 2017 9AM-4PM
Register! Advanced Geometry with Rhino and Grasshopper
Dave Stasiuk July 28, 2017 9AM-4PM
Register! Advanced Workflows with Revit and Dynamo
Kristen Schulte July 30, 2017 9AM-4PM
Register! Automation with Revit and Dynamo
Kristen Schulte August 4, 2017 9AM-4PM
Register! Data Analytics for Buildings
 Nathan Miller August 13, 2017 9AM-4PM

Downtown Omaha @ Proving Ground

1001 Farnam Street, Suite 203
Omaha, Nebraska 68102


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