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Leverage the power of free-form 3D modelling and computational controls to design beyond the limitations of other 3D software.  Design unencumbered, knowing you have several interoperability tools at your disposal to seamlessly transition to construction documentation. Part one of this course explores advanced geometry manipulation tools in Rhino.  Part two of this course explores advanced parametric geometry manipulation tools in Grasshopper.

Learning Objectives

  1. Advanced Geometry Manipulation in Rhino.
    • 3D solids
    • Meshes
    • Others TBD
  2. Advanced Geometry Manipulation in Grasshopper.
    • Parametric geometry creation
    • Panellization
    • Others TBD

Required Technology




Dave Stasiuk


July 28, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Proving Ground

1001 Farnam Street, Suite 203

Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Lunch included with registration.