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Move beyond hunches and hypotheses to leverage data in early stage planning and design.  Explore and implement computational design best practices to translate Excel-based building program lists to simple geometry in Rhino; then manipulate that geometry while live monitoring the total building implications on a customized heads-up display, made utilizing Conduit.

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduction to Grasshopper Visual Programming.
  2. Create a Grasshopper data set to:
    • Translate Excel data and create Rhino geometry.
    • Assign spreadsheet data values to object user key parameters.
    • Read geometry properties to assign live-updating display colors.
  3. Overview of Conduit to create heads up displays.
  4. Understand the screen bounds, proportional graphics editing, and the types of visualization possible with Conduit.
  5. Add Conduit live-updating displays to in-class created dataset to:
    • Compare areas imported from spreadsheet to modified geometry areas.
    • See department area as a portion of the whole.
    • See department construction cost as a portion of the whole.

Required Technology




Dave Stasiuk


July 21, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Proving Ground

1001 Farnam Street, Suite 203

Omaha, Nebraska 68114

Lunch included with registration.