Transform your building information into a ‘Big Data’ resource.

Building information has been a central component to building design and delivery for years. However, once a building is complete the models, drawings, and information will often be archived or  discarded. Minecart is a new technology that enables businesses to transform their building information into ‘Big Data’. The data becomes a resource for businesses to identify trends in a market, manage building assets, or benchmark a portfolio.

Use Minecart to…

  • Capture building data from multiple projects into a single, searchable database.
  • Benchmark your building portfolio and identify trends in your built environments.
  • Manage digital building assets to support your facilities and operational processes.
  • Combine building data with other business resources, such as enterprise planning.

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Core Technology

Minecart is a software and database package that can be customized and deployed within an organization. We provide implementation services to facilitate the transition of your building portfolio to the Minecart database.


Our approach involves…

  • Standing up the database for use within your organization.
  • Deploying tools to harvest data from building information models including Revit and Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
  • Training your staff to access data and create reports.
  • Supporting and maintaining your Minecart deployment.


We can work with you to create build-to-order tools and front-end applications for taking advantage of your building data with Minecart. We are equipped to develop applications, BI templates, and integrations to help you get the most out of your data.

We can help you…

  • Create custom integrations with enterprise planning and marketing systems.
  • Create custom reporting tools and business intelligence interfaces.
  • Create custom automation tools for efficient data management.