Our Team

Nathan Miller / CEO + Founder

Nate Miller is the founder and CEO of PROVING GROUND. Nate has developed trusted relationships with some of the most reputable organizations in the building industry to create strategies, workflows, and tools for enabling a data-driven business process. Nate strives to help his clients discover meaningful, ethical, and practical uses of new technology to support business growth the creation of better built environments.

Steve Sanda / Director of Strategy

Steve Sanda, AIA, is Director of Strategy at PROVING GROUND. Steve is a licensed architect with deep experience in design and a passion for technology. His unique professional experience has afforded him numerous opportunities to influence the practice of architecture firms with regional, national, and worldwide exposure. Steve’s goal is to use his experience with IT infrastructure and knowledge of architectural practice to tighten the gap between process and product.

Nicole Mater / Director of Product

Nicole Mater, AIA, is Director of Product at PROVING GROUND. As a licensed architect, Nicole combines her professional experience and technology expertise to create meaningful solutions for improving the digital workflow. She is passionate about developing user-centered, efficient solutions that resolve industry-wide pain points in design, construction, and operations. She utilizes her breadth of experience to align our product vision to the needs and aspirations of its user base.

Kristen Schulte / Director of Enterprise Applications

Kristen Schulte is Director of Enterprise Applications at PROVING GROUND. As a Licensed Architect and experienced manager, Kristen joined Proving Ground with firsthand insight into the opportunities of applying new processes and technologies in architectural practice. Kristen has created numerous tools and systems that support the implementation of enterprise-wide adoption of capabilities including model data extraction, BIM automation, and content management.

Past Summer Researchers

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