We help you define your roadmap for using data for innovation.

Taking advantage of the data in your business means more than purchasing the latest technology: it also means investing is the right expertise and processes.  As strategic advisers, we have worked with a broad range of building companies to craft strategies and roadmaps for leveraging data. We will work with you to create an actionable plan to achieve your business goals by setting business targets, identifying market opportunities, and crafting tactics for managing change.

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Our process involves…

  • Evaluating your current implementation of data and technology.
  • Facilitating alignment between company stakeholders on innovation goals.
  • Identifying organizational barriers for innovation and recommending tactics to remove them.
  • Determining the skills and talent your organization will need to succeed with data.
  • Creating company roadmaps that define goals supported by actionable tactics.
  • Defining implementation processes based on people, process, and technology.

Who we work with…

  • Architects – Integrate data into the design workflow and introduce new services.
  • Engineers – Use data to improve performance and reduce errors.
  • Manufacturers – Use data to streamline production and deliver products.
  • Owners – Use data to make decisions about operations and future building needs.

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