Customize tools to streamline your practice.

In the building industry, “one size fits all” solutions are
hard to come by. While there are some readymade products on the market, customized tools and automated processes greatly enhance workflows.

We design and implement purpose-built apps that solve real-world problems.
We specialize in…

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Accessible, “no-code” experiences
  • Leveraging your existing data
  • Automating time-consuming processes
  • Streamlined interoperability workflows

We build tools that enable you to spend less time on overhead, background work so that you can focus on value-generating projects.

We remove obstacles that hinder your ability to do fulfilling mission-driven work that maximizes the reach of your organization. Automating processes is the key!

What should you automate?

  • Processes that are repeated frequently, where
  • The instructions can understood as a series of steps
  • The steps are unlikely to change often
  • There are QA/QC aspects of the process that can be verified as a pass/fail

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Revit model automation platform to support standards compliance and efficient project startup at HED.

Custom Revit content management plugin to support the delivery of standard retail content from the owner to architects of record.

Custom 3D data integration tool to support planning and programming activities at HDR.

Project Create: Revit Automation for HED

Proving Ground partnered with HED to develop software that automatically creates base project files for new Revit projects. The process creates the basic sheets, levels, and other features that follow HED’s project standards. Throughout the process, Proving Ground worked closely with primary stakeholders at the firm to ensure their needs were being addressed, including the firm’s security protocols and other unique requirements.

The automation process simplifies their workflow, saving the BIM management team 9 hours on each project per discipline. HED estimates the process will save them 3,600 billable hours per year. They expect the ROI will be most significant when the consistency of project standards is considered as a factor.

Customized software for architects. Custom automation tool creates Revit projects that are preconfigured to company standards, saving the firm 3600 billable hours per year.


“The successful implementation of a custom software solution that is finely tuned to the needs of an organization will produce a significant return on investment, in both quality and efficiency of output.”

Nathan Miller, CEO

Read the full article:
“4 Tips for Getting Value out of Software Customization”

Agile sprints and an early prototype are key factors in the success of a custom tool. At each step, the team can reevaluate their goals and progress, leading to better functionality and greater utility.
Short development cycles enable the team to evaluate and adapt to evolving requirements.

Learn more about Agile Development… 

Transforming Stadium Production

Populous commissioned Proving Ground to create a custom parametric stadium bowl design tool for Revit. The tool creates 3D stadium geometry based on sightlines, graphic standards, and constructability constraints. It also includes features for studying variations in stadium bowl design with data-rich BIM elements, and add automated workflows for seat placement and egress conditions.

With this custom-built tool, Populous’s design teams can efficiently create stadium bowl geometry with many fewer steps than a typical process. Additionally, the firm was able to introduce standardize modeling procedures with the tool’s roll out, leading to improved model quality across their practice.

Customized software for Architects - Custom Revit addon enables Populous to efficiently document complex stadiums and arenas with a high level of accuracy, saving design teams valuable time and improving quality control across the practice.

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