We are proud contributors of research on subjects related to digital design, data, and computation in the building industry. The work on this page highlights past and present contributions to the research community by our team members. We hope you enjoy this resource!

Featured Research

Mesh-based BIM workflows were deployed during the design phases of the American Museum of Natural History Gilder Center by Studio Gang Architects
(Rendering by MIR)

A Novel Mesh-Based Workflow for Complex Geometry in BIM

Authors: Nathan MillerDavid Stasiuk

Publisher: ACADIA

Abstract: Various well-established digital modeling software platforms enable architectural design teams to rapidly sculpt and iterate over complex, doubly curved, and organic geometries. However, the software platforms that are used to author such geometries are rarely the same that are used for later-stage project development and delivery. For these phases of project execution, projects of even modest complexity are managed through building information modeling (BIM) software. Yet most BIM solutions are not suitable for natively handling the design of geometrically complex forms, failing to provide lightweight, responsive, or flexible authoring interfaces. A further complication is their inability to readily import or integrate any complex geometric elements or assemblies generated elsewhere. The development of improvements to interoperability between authoring and production software therefore remains an important goal in contemporary architectural practice.

This paper describes a practical methodology that then engages various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and open-source programming tools to address the problem of interoperability for complex geometry in BIM. Specifically, it identifies meshes as a well-positioned data structure for use within the context of preparing complex design geometry for BIM production. We describe a novel technique for the efficient interoperability of complex NURBS poly-surface objects from one authoring platform, employing design meshes that cleanly capture not just geometry, but also user and procedurally derived descriptive data elements for advanced representation and analysis within a BIM production environment.

Peer Reviewed Research

Our papers and many other great works are publicly available through Cumincad.

Paper Title Author(s) Publisher Year
A Novel Mesh-Based Workflow for Complex Geometry in BIM

Miller, Nathan; Stasiuk, David



The Hangzhou Tennis Center: A Case Study in Integrated Parametric Design

Miller, Nathan



[Make]Shift: Information Exchange and Collaborative Design Workflows

Miller, Nathan



Parametric Strategies in Civic Architecture Design

Miller, Nathan



Book Contributions

The Proving Ground team has been invited to contribute chapters and interviews on the subjects of BIM and the future of design technology. Below is a list of books you can find our work along with some awesome content by our peers.

Book Chapter Chapter Author(s) Publisher Year
Convergence: The Redesign of Design (AD Smart)

by Randy Deutsch

Interview with Nathan Miller Transcript

Miller, Nathan



Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice

by Karen Kensek and Douglas Noble

Chapter 8: “Performance Art: Analytics and the New Theater of Design Practice”

Miller, Nathan; Davis, Daniel



Building Information Modeling (PocketArchitecture)

by Karen Kensek

Chapter 8: “CASE: Building Information Coordinators”

Miller, Nathan; Negro, Federico



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