Conductor is now free and open!

I am happy and excited to announce that Conductor, the Trello connector for Revit and Rhino, has been re-released as a free and open source tool! A year and a half ago, Proving Ground originally released Conductor as a cheap $10 app through our website. Having never tried charging for one of our apps, we … Continue reading Conductor is now free and open!

Summer 2018 – Part 1

Like with past summers, I thought I'd share some of the things our summer researchers are investigating. In 2016, the team created computational prototypes focused on real-world workflows ranging from building analysis to geometric interoperability. In 2017, the focus was on data analysis and resulted in building data visualization workflows and the first version of … Continue reading Summer 2018 – Part 1

How do you eat an elephant? – USC BIM BOP Lecture on July 12!

I am pleased to be participating in this year's BIM BOP conference hosted at the University of Southern California on July 12. My lecture, title "How do you eat an elephant", will consider the digital transformations taking place in the construction industry and all the opportunities and challenges we are seeing in our present work … Continue reading How do you eat an elephant? – USC BIM BOP Lecture on July 12!

Design Modeling Terminology

One symptom of being at the 'peak of inflated expectations' on Gartner's famed hype cycle is the often relaxed use of terminology used in discussion about highly publicized technology. In some cases, this 'relaxation' is due to unfamiliar vocabulary for new technology that will take time to synthesize around a clear set of definitions. In … Continue reading Design Modeling Terminology