Owner: American Museum of Natural History

Design Architect: Studio Gang Architects

Our Services: Parametric Modeling and BIM Geometry Workflow

The new Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation expands the museum’s facilities with a new central exhibition hall that serves as the connective tissue for new galleries and learning spaces. “At a time of urgent need for better public understanding of science and for greater access to science education, the Gilder Center will offer new ways to learn about our world and to share in the excitement of scientific discovery.”

Proving Ground collaborated with Studio Gang to develop geometric workflows to support the development of the Gilder Center’s complex facade and entry atrium. The process involved the creation analyzing the design, creating custom parametric models, and deploying new tools for managing the data between software platforms. The tools and workflows enabled the team to iterate and document the design using the latest computational design and building information modeling tools. A peer-reviewed research paper that highlights these processes was published as part of the ACADIA 2017 conference.