Owner: Lucas Museum Foundation

Design Architect: MAD Architects

Architect of Record: Stantec

Our Services: Geometry Strategy and BIM Workflow Development

This futuristic museum will be home to the private collections of filmmaker, George Lucas and his wife, Mellody Hobson. The facility features dedicated gallery space for the collection’s 10,000 pieces. The new structure also includes 11 acres of surrounding public green space in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park.

Proving Ground served as the digital design consultant to Stantec, the project’s Architect of Record. Proving Ground worked with the team to implement new digital workflows for geometric development and BIM workflows. This approach included the regular workflow coordination, model reviews, and the deployment of customized Conveyor-based technology for managing complex meshes between Rhino and Revit. The resulting process allow the project team to more efficiently document the striking landmark project.