Apply the latest trends in agile project management to your next building project…

Developing a building is a highly complex process and subject to many changing design requirements, user criteria, and cost constraints.  Scrum is an ‘agile’ project management methodology that is popular in IT industry and has resulted in measurable gains in ensuring that complex projects come in on time and on budget.  Scrum focuses on iteration, managing changing conditions, and establishing individual accountability.  We believe these concepts can work for building teams in delivering a project.  It can also be a useful tool for managing the development of internal resources such as standards, execution plans, or training material.  In our workshops, we will help to coach your team in applying scrum concepts to your building project or internal initiatives.  We cover how to plan a project ‘sprint’, implement communication strategies, establish accountability, and monitor progress.  Read more about scrum and building teams on the blog….

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In our workshops you will…

  • Learn how to plan a ‘sprint’ and establish a project backlog for your building.
  • Learn about key scrum roles and how to establish accountability in your building team.
  • Learn how to establish a communication plan for planning sessions, standups, and retrospectives.
  • Learn how to implement scrum tools for project management.