Turn your Rhino geometry into data-rich objects for design exploration.

Semantic has now been released as a product! Visit the product page!

Standard geometry modeling tools provide limited capabilities for integrating data into the design workflow. Meanwhile, conventional BIM tools are often cited as being too “data heavy” for agile design exploration. Semantic aims to find a middle ground: we have developed a new user interface framework for assigning and managing data properties to raw geometry in Rhino. We use Semantic with our clients to realize custom applications that combine lightweight modeling and data-rich reporting to support activities including design, estimation, and analysis.

We use Semantic to…

  • Assign custom data attributes to geometric objects.
  • Define formula-driven calculations across multiple properties.
  • Create custom queries of model data and produce exportable reports.
  • Control model properties using a variety of UI tools.

Visit the Official Product Site!

Create and Assign Custom Rhino Object Properties


Query the Rhino Model and Create Reports