Minecart is now TRACER!

Minecart – our centralized data resource for BIM – has now evolved into TRACER! Tracer is a product and platform for capturing data from Building Information Models and presenting objects, geometry, and properties in the form of a relational database. We work with businesses and organizations to implement several flavors of Tracer

Tracer for Revit or IFC

  • A standalone product that can be purchased from the Proving Ground Apps website
  • Export model data from Revit or IFC to a SQLite relational database
  • Connect Revit or IFC data to Power BI for analysis and reporting.
  • Use 3D Power BI visuals to create diagrammatic renderings of object geometry

Tracer Server for Revit

  • Capture building data from multiple Revit projects into a single, searchable MySQL database.
  • Automate model harvesting operations using the Tracer web portal.
  • Use 3D Power BI visuals to compose report templates for enterprise reporting.
  • Combine building data with other business resources, such as enterprise planning.

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