A Conductor, a LunchBox, and a spool of Conduit

The Proving Ground toolkit continues to grow and evolve. Last month we launched Conductor: a tool that connects AEC tools to Trello for task management.  LunchBox for Dynamo has had some cool updates in the last several months and Conduit has just had another major release!

Conductor 1.0 – Trello Tools for Builders

A year ago, I published a blog post about some tools we were building to connect Revit and Rhino to Trello for task management within the modeling environment. In January, we released Conductor 1.0. The tool can be purchased for a flat $10 USD through the website. We are also working with businesses on setting up flexible enterprise plans for deploying Conductor with support, training, and customization.

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Parametric Visualizations with Conduit

Dave Stasiuk has published a new build of Conduit and it is now available for download! The new version includes a number of new features for column, bar, and line charts which make it easy to start creating your parametric dashboard.

Conduit now includes enhanced bar and column charts with a dynamic styling interface.

Conduit remains a free and open source tool for your use. Visit the Conduit page for more info on how to get it!

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More Inside the LunchBox

LunchBox is currently the most downloaded and depended upon package for Dynamo. As a growing computational design toolkit, I have been incrementally publishing updates to the package in the last few months. The new updates are compatible with Revit 2017 and include new geometry tools like “Random Panel” divisions as well as more Revit element collectors for views and area plans.

New components include:


  • Panel.PanelQuadRandom – Random Quad Division
  • Surfaces.TransposeSurfaceUV – Transpose the UV space of a surface.
  • Surfaces.RebuildSurface – Rebuild a surface with a new UV point samples.
  • Surfaces.DeconstructNurbsSurface – Access to NURBS attributes

Revit (2017)

  • AreaPlan Element Collector – Get area plan objects from the model.
  • Grid Element Collector – Get grid objects from the model.
  • Sheet Collector – Get sheet objects from the model.
  • View Element Collector – Get view objects from the model.
LunchBox for Dynamo now has randomized paneling and a number of other geometry tools.

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