Owner: Las Vegas Stadium

Design Architect: Manica Architecture

Architect of Record: HNTB

Contractor: Mortenson | McCarthy Joint Venture

Our Services: Facade Geometry Workflow and BIM Authoring

Located next to the famous Las Vegas strip, this NFL stadium will be a stat-of-the-art facility and future home of the Raiders. The stadium features a seating capacity of 65,000 seats, large retractable doors, and a glass domed roof. The exterior is a futuristic composition of unitized curtain systems, sleek black metal panels, and light ribbons.

Mortenson | McCarthy JV contracted Proving Ground to develop an LOD 300 building information model of the exterior facade. The digital model facilitated the construction sequencing of over 2000 unitized curtain wall modules and other facade elements. In addition to developing the workflow, Proving Ground employed proprietary data management and interoperability tools, Semantic and Conveyor, to develop the geometry and meet the contractor’s data requirements.