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At Proving Ground, we remain committed to providing useful resources to the building community.  Freely available learning content will continue to be instrumental in our approach for equipping building teams with the latest capabilities.

Flux – Your Design Tools Working Together

Proving Ground recently collaborated with the team at Flux to create a tutorial series focused on their new line of tools.  Interoperability is essential for a data-driven workflow and it is very cool to see how Flux is building a technology platform to facilitate this important concept.

Flux’s current interoperability toolkit includes a web interface and plugins for popular design tools.  The data set we created was developed to provide a step-by-step demonstration for how Flux tools can support a process that spans Excel, Grasshopper, Dynamo, and Revit.  They have posted the entire video series for free on the Flux YouTube channel!

Building Data with Excel – The Basics

In the past, I have been quoted as saying that Excel is one of my favorite design tools.  To double down on this claim, I have published new custom video content that highlights basic uses of Excel in the design workflow. Hopefully these videos can provide a good perspective on how this ‘every day tool’ can support the data-driven design process.

The videos cover a range of Excel concepts such as pivot tables and charts.  The tutorials also include the basics of using Dynamo with Excel for direct data interoperability with Revit.  Take them for a spin on the Proving Ground YouTube channel!

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