Computers are Hard

Computers are hard - I am quickly reminded of this whenever I have to help one of my parents troubleshoot a computer problem. “Gosh, mom, learn how to use a computer!” I usually think to myself. Yet, even for me, I’m sometimes left scratching my head at finding a solution for getting a printer back … Continue reading Computers are Hard

Working from Home? – Our Experiences

The Proving Ground team recently held a webinar focused on our experience with remote working. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are shift to remote working strategies. We wanted to provide some of our perspective - Proving Ground presently has its 100% of its team working remotely from 4 different US states. … Continue reading Working from Home? – Our Experiences

Are you creating a culture that is toxic to innovation?

There was a Twitter thread recently that discusses what can be a trend of professionals exploring career paths outside the boundaries of conventional practice. While many important points have been made in this context, as is typical of most social media discourse, I feel that the thread exhausted the constraints of the medium and dissolved … Continue reading Are you creating a culture that is toxic to innovation?

Our ongoing digital transformation

Visitors of this blog know that I often discuss digital transformation by reflecting on experiences working with other businesses. As a consultant I have personally seen companies both thrive and struggle with the changes that new digital workflows, technologies, and skills are bring to the workplace. Like many of the businesses we consult with, Proving … Continue reading Our ongoing digital transformation