Weekly Workflow: Conditional Formatting in Power BI

Power BI visuals help to communicate important information in data, translating tables of individual numbers into interconnected and meaningful graphics. Conditional Formatting offers users the ability to apply colors to elements that are related to key values to aid in communication. Users can experiment with applying a range of different colors to their visuals by applying a Gradient, Rule, or Field Value format to numerical data.

Weekly Workflow: Converting Units in Power BI

Data in Power BI can be thought of as "Read Only", meaning that it is not possible to make changes to the values in your data once it is imported. This can cause some confusion regarding unit conversion and other simple calculations among new users, but Power BI provides an easy to use solution: Custom Columns.

Weekly Workflow: Connecting Data Sources in Power BI

It can be challenging to keep track of imported objects in Revit, especially when teams are combining model elements from a variety of different applications. When teams are equipped to keep track of where the imported elements were originally modeled, it can help to streamline design changes and QA/QC process.

A splash of cold water – considering AI, terms of service, training data, and copyright

AI content generators - like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stability AI - are a capturing the imagination of professional designers, artists, and architects. This article explores some important pragmatic considerations and risks for professionals adopting today's AI generator tools in their professional work.