Introducing Tracer – A Revit Data Visualization Toolkit for Power BI

Being able to understand and visualize your building data is essential to any data-driven workflow. With the increased adoption of business intelligence platforms - such as Power BI - our team has observed the need for simple and easy tools tailored to harvesting and visualizing building information. To support this, I am excited to announce the availability of Proving … Continue reading Introducing Tracer – A Revit Data Visualization Toolkit for Power BI

A Summer of Sensors – Part 2

In my last post, I published new work by our 2019 summer research team. Maddie and Anna have recently completed their summer with Proving Ground and I am happy to provide this new prototype that is a continuation of research into uses of the Raspberry Pi. In this study, the team created a scenario that … Continue reading A Summer of Sensors – Part 2

Machine Learning with LunchBoxML

Earlier this summer, I previewed some of our research on machine learning which focused on potential applications for the building industry. I am now pleased to announce that these explorations have been released as a new extension to our LunchBox tools for Grasshopper: LunchBoxML. LunchBoxML exposes new open source components built on a popular machine … Continue reading Machine Learning with LunchBoxML

Should Architects Learn to Code?

My first experience in computer programming was a freshman year introductory course in high school. It was one of the first courses I signed up for. I liked computers so the idea of making programs for computers was very appealing. I failed. Like...really failed. I always considered myself a good student and was decent at math … Continue reading Should Architects Learn to Code?