Get Started with Conduit

This past week, Dave Stasiuk and I ran our first public Conduit workshop at the Facades+ conference! Attendees included architects, engineers, and fabricators. Throughout the day, we demonstrated different workflows for setting up Conduit dashboards and creating interactions between 3D parametric models and data visualizations.

Many have reached out to us and requested that we publish some learning content for Conduit. The latest Conduit installer now includes several example Grasshopper definition files that will be copied to your Documents folder! These should serve as a good starting point to get up and running!

Get Conduit!

Additionally, I have recorded a short Introduction to Conduit tutorial on YouTube. The 4-part recording focuses on the basic setup of a Conduit definition.

A Conduit sample file for setting up bar charts in the Rhino viewport.
A Conduit sample file for projecting panel geometry and stats to the viewport.