Shape to Fabrication and Rhino Dev Day!

Next week (April 23-25) I will be visiting London for the Rhino New Developments Day and Shape to Fabrication conference. I will be joining colleagues from businesses including Heatherwick Studio, Arup, 3XN, Foster + Partners, Walter P. Moore, and more to discuss transformations in the digital practice of Architecture.

Hats off to Simply Rhino and the Rhino team for making this event possible!

Rhino New Developments Day

On Monday, April 23 I will discuss custom software developed by Proving Ground that is focused on data-driven workflows in architecture. I will present a technical overview of Proving Ground’s uses of Rhino and OpenNURBS with a focus on user data management and geometric interoperability. Furthermore, I will highlight customized applications created for builders and discuss the evolution of two new tools: Semantic and Conveyor.

Shape to Fabrication

On Wednesday, April 25 I will discuss how the construction industry is beginning to see transformations to supply chains that haven’t experienced disruption in decades. The workforce is being challenged to retool with new digital skills. Architects and engineers are seeing their work augmented with data-driven automation and increasingly capable algorithms. In this lecture, I will discuss the technological disruptions that are changing the world of construction and how these transformations are leading towards a new era of performance for buildings and the people who make them.