LunchBox for Dynamo has a new home!

If you have checked the Dynamo package manager for LunchBox updates recently, you may have noticed that the package description now indicates that LunchBox is now available through a separate installer. You can now find LunchBox for Dynamo through the same installer as the Grasshopper version!

Download LunchBox Here!

LunchBox has grown in size and complexity over the years and it has become cumbersome to maintain our tools within the official Dynamo package manager environment. Most recently we have experienced instances of incomplete version uploads in addition to more frequent user-reported download errors. As a result, we are now opting to fully manage the deployment of LunchBox to our users so we can more effectively control the experience of accessing the tools. While there is not a defined timetable, we will soon be transitioning Rhynamo and Slingshot to similar installer formats.

We hope you continue to enjoy LunchBox for Dynamo (and Grasshopper) with this deployment format!