AEC Tech 2019 – Conduit and Power BI Examples

Last week at AEC Tech 2019,  Kristen Schulte and Steve Sanda led an 4-hour masterclass on data visualization techniques with our open source Conduit plugin for Grasshopper and Microsoft Power BI. They covered a variety of use cases for making interactive dashboards with building data and parametric models.

We are pleased to freely publish these workshop examples here! We hope they can be helpful to folks interested in implementing these technologies…

Download the Examples Here!

2019-10-23 10_30_52-AEC Tech 2019 - Dropbox
A Conduit dashboard example tied to Rhino model elements.
2019-10-23 10_26_29-Module 03 - Room Boundaries_completed - Power BI Desktop
A PowerBI example with TopoJSON shape maps containing floor plans
2019-10-23 10_27_23-Module 02 and 04 - Model Data Dashboard_completed - Power BI Desktop
A dashboard for understanding building program and cost factors