Tracer – 3D Revit Data in Power BI

We have officially released a new download option for our Tracer toolkit with expanded Revit harvesting features and a NEW 3D visual for Power BI. This new version can be purchased from our apps website. We are also offering a new 15-day trial of these tools that include watermarked visuals for testing purposes.

Tracer includes….

  • Tracer Revit Export addin for producing open database files.
  • Tracer 2D visual for Power BI for rendering 2D graphics.
  • Tracer 3D visual for Power BI for rendering 3D graphics.
  • Standalone workflows – no extensive infrastructure required.

To help you get up to speed on the new workflows, we have published two new video tutorials and have expanded our documentation for Tracer. Check out these videos to get up to speed!

What do we have planned for 2021?

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