Weekly Workflow: Power BI Template for Revit Model Health

Many Revit users can attest that models have a tendency to deviate from BIM standards, especially when teams work strenuously to meet project deadlines. Regularly checking in on a model’s health can help teams catch run-of-the-mill problems before they become major headaches. Teams that are equipped to review model health can take action to avoid future complications, reduce project risks, and facilitate a smooth design and delivery process.

With Tracer for Revit, users can export their Revit model data and review health metrics in Power BI.  We recently created a new Model Health Template that Tracer users can download, along with other purpose-built templates, from our site. While every firm uses a different set of metrics to assess model health, there are a few industry standards that the template features, including:

  • Model size
  • Project information
  • Element quantities
  • Warnings
  • Views on/not on Sheets
  • Unplaced elements
  • Linestyles and line-based element quantities
  • Region types
  • Options

The template can be modified and customized to track the metrics that are most important to your team. Moreover, published reports can be easily shared with stakeholders, and reports can be refreshed with new Tracer data after each harvest. 

One more thing… The latest version of Tracer V3 is compatible with Revit versions 2020 through 2024! Current Tracer V3 customers can run the Tracer installer to update the app. Check out these links to get started!

Paste in your Tracer .db file path to load your data into the template.

What now?