Weekly Workflow: Diagramming and Analyzing Object Adjacencies with LunchBox

Adjacency diagrams are a valuable design tool, but they can be cumbersome for designers to create. Depending on the types of tools used to create these graphics, the underlying data about the relationships may not be accessible either.

The latest version of LunchBox includes a “Sort Adjacent Brep Faces” component which can be used to quickly create customized analysis diagrams. The component works with 2D and 3D Brep geometry, opening up potential use cases to include 3D manufacturing or assembly diagrams. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • The component requires a Brep as input and returns:
    • A list of each face
    • List faces which are adjacent to each face
    • An Adjacency Index, which contains the indices for the faces adjacent to each face, and
    • A cross-referenced true/false matrix
  • Use LunchBox’s “Brep Join with Tolerance” component to join together nearly-adjacent faces
  • Export the Adjacency Index or True/False Matrix from the component to a tabular format, like a .csv, for downstream uses, like training an algorithm
  • Use the component in a Rhino.Inside.Revit session to analyze Revit objects

Download the latest version of LunchBox to give it a try!

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