Weekly Workflow: Export Grasshopper data to Excel with LunchBox

Grasshopper can be used to draw objects, query their latent data, and assign properties and values to them. While this is provides firsthand value to the Grasshopper user, other project collaborators or stakeholders may find it difficult to access and leverage the data. Conversely, Grasshopper users may desire to make use of data from an outside source to reference in Rhino; for example, it can be advantageous utilize an Excel-based space planning document as a guide for generating schematic building layouts. Proving Ground’s LunchBox, a free and open-source plugin for Grasshopper, includes tools that help users bridge this gap and facilitate collaboration.

While LunchBox is chiefly known for its paneling tools, it also includes tools that allow the import and export of data to and from Excel, JSON, and CSV. These tools are located within the plugin-in’s Workflow component set, which includes additional utilities that may be used to streamline other commonly-requested Rhino and Grasshopper operations.

Download the latest version of LunchBox to give it a try! Our documentation site gives examples and instructions for using each of the LunchBox components that can help you get started.

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