Are you creating a culture that is toxic to innovation?

There was a Twitter thread recently that discusses what can be a trend of professionals exploring career paths outside the boundaries of conventional practice. While many important points have been made in this context, as is typical of most social media discourse, I feel that the thread exhausted the constraints of the medium and dissolved … Continue reading Are you creating a culture that is toxic to innovation?

AEC Tech 2019 – Conduit and Power BI Examples

Last week at AEC Tech 2019,  Kristen Schulte and Steve Sanda led an 4-hour masterclass on data visualization techniques with our open source Conduit plugin for Grasshopper and Microsoft Power BI. They covered a variety of use cases for making interactive dashboards with building data and parametric models. We are pleased to freely publish these workshop examples … Continue reading AEC Tech 2019 – Conduit and Power BI Examples

Conveyor – Custom Workflow Implementations

Building design and construction fields continue to struggle with software interoperability and compatibility. This has resulted in wasteful processes requiring teams to laboriously rebuild geometry and manually recreate data when using different design tools. Today, the building industry’s modeling software is largely not designed with compatibility as a guiding principle and design teams are often … Continue reading Conveyor – Custom Workflow Implementations

A Summer of Sensors – Part 2

In my last post, I published new work by our 2019 summer research team. Maddie and Anna have recently completed their summer with Proving Ground and I am happy to provide this new prototype that is a continuation of research into uses of the Raspberry Pi. In this study, the team created a scenario that … Continue reading A Summer of Sensors – Part 2