Introducing Tracer – A Revit Data Visualization Toolkit for Power BI

Being able to understand and visualize your building data is essential to any data-driven workflow. With the increased adoption of business intelligence platforms - such as Power BI - our team has observed the need for simple and easy tools tailored to harvesting and visualizing building information. To support this, I am excited to announce the availability of Proving … Continue reading Introducing Tracer – A Revit Data Visualization Toolkit for Power BI

Computers are Hard

Computers are hard - I am quickly reminded of this whenever I have to help one of my parents troubleshoot a computer problem. “Gosh, mom, learn how to use a computer!” I usually think to myself. Yet, even for me, I’m sometimes left scratching my head at finding a solution for getting a printer back … Continue reading Computers are Hard

Working from Home? – Our Experiences

The Proving Ground team recently held a webinar focused on our experience with remote working. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are shift to remote working strategies. We wanted to provide some of our perspective - Proving Ground presently has its 100% of its team working remotely from 4 different US states. … Continue reading Working from Home? – Our Experiences