LunchBox + New Tools Underway

The charting node will let you format data for some visualization within a form.

LunchBox continues to be a pet project of mine and it is a central part of our toolkit at Proving Ground. A new update has been released that contains some new component additions for meshes and data visualization.

Download LunchBox

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What’s New?

  • Mesh Reduce – Reduces the number of faces on a mesh to a desired amount.
  • Mesh Edges – Gets the edges of a mesh based on an angles between faces.
  • Chart Form – Loads a simple chart visualization form using component data.
  • DataGrid Form – Loads a simple DataGrid form using component data.
The Mesh Edges node lets you extract edges based on adjacent face angles.
The Mesh Reduce node reduces the number of faces on a mesh.

New Tools Coming Soon…

In addition to our new Freighter, Trello, and Data Mining tools, we are continuing to develop new tools to support interoperability and data vizualization.  We have started on a new Rhino Importer for Revit which allows us to automate the importing of 3DM files for coordination and clean documentation… no more messy mesh edges or heavy ACIS files!

We have also started to create our own data visualization and charting library. Dave Stasiuk has been hard at work on Conduit which allows users to create custom heads up displays (HUDs) that update live with a Grasshopper model.

Are you interested in collaborating?