The Things We Make – Part 2

We’re almost to the end of July and the summer team continues to work away on some amazing prototypes and workflows. Since the last blog post, we have been explored the use of packing algorithms to visualize building program relationships. We have mocked PowerBI dashboards using Revit data that was exported with the help of LunchBox … Continue reading The Things We Make – Part 2

The Things We Make – Part 1

I started doing what I do today as a hobby.  Today, making things is the core of Proving Ground’s business. However, it would be a misreading of our motivation to think that making apps, plugins, and models are our end game. These are a means to an end. The tools we make and use are a … Continue reading The Things We Make – Part 1

LunchBox + New Tools Underway

LunchBox continues to be a pet project of mine and it is a central part of our toolkit at Proving Ground. A new update has been released that contains some new component additions for meshes and data visualization. Download LunchBox ClickOnce not your jam?  Visit Food4Rhino to get a Zip Package What's New? Mesh Reduce … Continue reading LunchBox + New Tools Underway

Our 2016 Resolution – To Invent…with you!

Proving Ground is now a 6 month old company. Many of the themes present in our work today is the result of a much longer experience in the world of design, computation, and personal exploration with technology. As 2016 kicks off, I'm excited to continue pursuing our ideas for changing processes in the building industry to be more … Continue reading Our 2016 Resolution – To Invent…with you!