We’re a Bronze Sponsor of ACADIA 2017!

In addition to presenting new peer-reviewed research at this year’s conference, I am excited to announce that Proving Ground will be a bronze sponsor for the ACADIA 2017 conference hosted by MIT! It is no secret we believe in contributing to the research world and strive to provide rich research experiences through our internships and day-to-day work.

Construction industry surveys have found that less than 1% of revenues are put towards R&D when compared to nearly 3.5-4.5% in other industries such as automotive and aerospace. We believe that research is an all-too-often overlooked opportunity for professional organizations to accelerate their innovation efforts.

We have a long-standing relationship with ACADIA having presented papers, delivered workshops, and sponsored in the past. This year, we are looking forward to hearing about new research being explored in academia and practice… and having a good time with old friends!

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