LunchBoxML for Dynamo

This past summer, we released LunchBoxML for Grasshopper. Many have asked if we would publish a version for Dynamo. Ask no more! As of the last update, we have included the first version of LunchBoxML for Dynamo!

By having this capability in Dynamo, users are able to start leveraging data from Revit to feed the machine. The project is open source under the GNU Lesser General Public License and uses Accord.NET.

Visit the Source on Bitbucket

LunchBoxML is included in the base LunchBox package. So you need only update the package within Dynamo to get the new Machine Learning library. After a successful update, a new “LunchBoxML” tab should appear.

A few examples are also included in the package extras….

Naive Bayes solver can be used to help classify elements within the model.
Regression tools can be used to determine fit curves and surfaces from sample data.