Conductor is now free and open!

I am happy and excited to announce that Conductor, the Trello connector for Revit and Rhino, has been re-released as a free and open source tool!

A year and a half ago, Proving Ground originally released Conductor as a cheap $10 app through our website. Having never tried charging for one of our apps, we learned a lot from this process (and collected a small amount of beer money along the way!). However, I realized that maintaining this product as a for sale app in the long-term would not yield the desired impact in supporting agile management processes in the building industry. Many of our free and open source tools already enjoy fantastic adoption among the design community and our hope is that our new approach to Conductor will spark similar enthusiasm.

Get Conductor!

The current installer includes versions for Revit 2017-2018 and Rhino 5.0 (64-bit). The Bitbucket repository also includes the previously unreleased Navisworks version 2017 version that you can build from the source. Versions for Revit 2019, Rhino 6, and Navisworks 2019 are forthcoming.

To all the early adopters: I’d like to thank you for purchasing Conveyor in the last year. Without your sponsorship, this move would not have been possible. I hope that the new open source approach will allow you to more flexibly adopt Conveyor in your workflow without having to be concerned about managing pesky software licenses in the future!