Introducing Tracer – A Revit Data Visualization Toolkit for Power BI

Being able to understand and visualize your building data is essential to any data-driven workflow. With the increased adoption of business intelligence platforms – such as Power BI – our team has observed the need for simple and easy tools tailored to harvesting and visualizing building information. To support this, I am excited to announce the availability of Proving Ground’s new product offering: Tracer.

Visit the Tracer Product Site!

Tracer is a toolkit for harvesting your Revit data and creating interactive diagrams with Microsoft® PowerBI® software. The Tracer toolkit includes an Autodesk Revit® addin that allows users to export data records and geometry into an open database file format that can be used as a data source for Power BI.

The Tracer visual for Power BI can be used to create interactive 2D vector graphics within a dashboard report. With Tracer, building professionals can construct visually compelling dashboards which include interactive plan graphics and object location diagrams.


Moreover, we believe Tracer eliminates cumbersome, multi-step processes that professionals often navigate to analyze their Revit data. As such, a central goal with Tracer is to streamline the ability to make powerful interactive reports with a low barrier to entry.

We hope Tracer will help you to analyze and communicate your building data to support decision making for realizing exceptional built environments.

Learn Tracer with these video tutorials