Semantic – Tools for Leveraging Data with Rhino

Data-rich models equip designers with the ability to extend their geometry with attributes to support a data-driven workflow in the earliest stages of design. The Semantic plugin for Rhino provides tools for creating and managing custom attributes for free-form Rhino geometry. The tools expose a powerful interface for property creation, assignment, and reporting.

We have now made Semantic available as a standalone plugin for Rhino! The plugin exposes new interfaces within Rhino for manipulating object properties. Need to assign cost data to a building component? Need a streamlined way of tracking object areas? Want live report tables summarizing your object data? Semantic provides these tools and makes them available through conventional interfaces in Rhino.

Additionally, we are packaging Semantic with a new Power BI visual for displaying 3D Rhino data. This means you can show off your data-rich Rhino within an interactive Power BI dashboard on the desktop or in the cloud.

Best of all? No coding or web development experience is needed to executed these workflows.

Here is a tutorial showing off just how easy it is to set it all up…

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