Weekly Workflow: Leverage Data in Grasshopper with LunchBox

Design processes tend to involve data. Whether a design exercise involves referencing a proforma table of areas into 3D conceptual layouts, adjusting geometries based on fabrication tolerances, or determining egress widths based on occupancy metrics – designers have the opportunity to leverage data to streamline their processes and meet targets.

While there are a number of options available that can help designers adopt data-driven workflows, Rhino users have a free and open-source option with LunchBox.

LunchBox provides Grasshopper users with a set of tools that can be used to organize and export data from their Rhino models. It includes exporting tools that create JSON, XML, and CSV files for use in other applications. The toolset is also useful for bringing in outside data to your Rhino model, and it includes tools that can read CSV files and convert between XML and JSON file types.

Our documentation site has additional information and examples. Download the latest version of LunchBox to give it a try!

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