Weekly Workflow: Evaluate Panel Flatness with LunchBox

Curved glass facades can be constructed using techniques like cold bending, where flat glass panels are manually deformed to create distorted panels. Panel manufacturers provide guidelines for designers to reference in validating their designs, such as a maximum measurement of deformation, and data-driven workflows can help design teams to work within these limits to produce functional and buildable designs. LunchBox, a free and open source plugin for Grasshopper, comes with tools that make analyses like these accessible and easy to use.

For this scenario, LunchBox’s “Flatness Check” tool can analyze a series of panels and their deviations from a flat plane. The component is straightforward to use, requiring the user to input a list of panels. It returns a list of flattened panel geometry, a list of planes, and a list of numerical deviations from the original geometry.

Our documentation site has additional information and examples. Download the latest version of LunchBox to give it a try!

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