Machine Learning with LunchBoxML

Earlier this summer, I previewed some of our research on machine learning which focused on potential applications for the building industry. I am now pleased to announce that these explorations have been released as a new extension to our LunchBox tools for Grasshopper: LunchBoxML. LunchBoxML exposes new open source components built on a popular machine … Continue reading Machine Learning with LunchBoxML

Get Started with Conduit

This past week, Dave Stasiuk and I ran our first public Conduit workshop at the Facades+ conference! Attendees included architects, engineers, and fabricators. Throughout the day, we demonstrated different workflows for setting up Conduit dashboards and creating interactions between 3D parametric models and data visualizations. Many have reached out to us and requested that we publish … Continue reading Get Started with Conduit

4 Tips for Getting Value out of Software Customization

Software customization is an undertaking associated with a great deal of risk and uncertainty in the world of business. Investing in custom software is very different than purchasing off-the-shelf tools available in the marketplace. Whereas most standard tools are purchased with the expectation that they are stable, robust, and ready for immediate implementation, procuring custom … Continue reading 4 Tips for Getting Value out of Software Customization

Should Architects Learn to Code?

My first experience in computer programming was a freshman year introductory course in high school. It was one of the first courses I signed up for. I liked computers so the idea of making programs for computers was very appealing. I failed. Like...really failed. I always considered myself a good student and was decent at math … Continue reading Should Architects Learn to Code?