Weekly Workflow: Evaluate Panel Flatness with LunchBox

LunchBox's "Flatness Check" tool can analyze a series of panels and their deviations from a flat plane. The component is straightforward to use, requiring the user to input a list of panels. It returns a list of flattened panel geometry, a list of planes, and a list of numerical deviations from the original geometry.

Weekly Workflow: Leverage Data in Grasshopper with LunchBox

Design processes tend to involve data. Whether a design exercise involves referencing a proforma table of areas into 3D conceptual layouts, adjusting geometries based on fabrication tolerances, or determining egress widths based on occupancy metrics - designers have the opportunity to leverage data to streamline their processes and meet targets. While there are a number of options available that can help designers adopt data-driven workflows, Rhino users have a free and open-source option with LunchBox.

Weekly Workflow: Connecting Data Sources in Power BI

It can be challenging to keep track of imported objects in Revit, especially when teams are combining model elements from a variety of different applications. When teams are equipped to keep track of where the imported elements were originally modeled, it can help to streamline design changes and QA/QC process.

Weekly Workflow: Rationalize Curves with LunchBox

Freeform modeling tools like Rhino and Grasshopper enable designers to explore curvilinear design concepts. As the design process moves toward later phases of a project, it can be a challenge to rationalize non-orthagonal geometry so that it can be built. An under-the-radar LunchBox component called "ArcDivide" can simplify and streamline the rationalization process.