The Things We Make – Part 3

Proving Ground's 8 weeks of summer prototyping has come to a close. The past two blog posts provided a small preview of some of the things we have been sketching on and making together. As believers in a data-driven process, we have assembled a collection of workflows that were created this summer to highlight the potential for leveraging … Continue reading The Things We Make – Part 3

The Things We Make – Part 2

We’re almost to the end of July and the summer team continues to work away on some amazing prototypes and workflows. Since the last blog post, we have been explored the use of packing algorithms to visualize building program relationships. We have mocked PowerBI dashboards using Revit data that was exported with the help of LunchBox … Continue reading The Things We Make – Part 2

The Wicked Problem of Interoperability

“Now, if someone tries to monopolize the Web, for example pushes proprietary variations on network protocols, then that would make me unhappy.”  Tim Berners-Lee Before I discuss interoperability in the building industry, I want you to think about a few scenarios from our not-too-distant past: What if web developers had accepted perpetual 'warfare' between Microsoft … Continue reading The Wicked Problem of Interoperability

LunchBox + New Tools Underway

LunchBox continues to be a pet project of mine and it is a central part of our toolkit at Proving Ground. A new update has been released that contains some new component additions for meshes and data visualization. Download LunchBox ClickOnce not your jam?  Visit Food4Rhino to get a Zip Package What's New? Mesh Reduce … Continue reading LunchBox + New Tools Underway